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Goodyear Tyres

Goodyear has achieved great heights since its inception in 1898 and is presently one of the largest tyre brands in the world; it has come a long way working with Formula 1 manufacturers and teams, putting tyres on cars that win races.

The first vehicle that broke the 600-mile-per-hour land speed record did it on Goodyear tyres in 1964!

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Then consider Hyde Road Wheels & Tyres a viable option without a second thought! We are a trusted tyre retailer that stocks an extensive collection of Goodyear units across different sizes.

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Top Goodyear variants with us

Here’s a look at some of the most demanded Goodyear tyre models from our facility:

Summer tyre: Goodyear Eagle® F1 Asymmetric

This tyre comes with Active CornerGrip® technology, which helps maintain even tread pressure to improve grip while cornering. It features a next-generation polymer tread compound which improves wet traction and enhances grip on dry surfaces. In addition, the rim protector guards the wheels against accidental curb damage.

All-season tyre: Goodyear Assurance® All-Season

The wide tread grooves in this tyre help evacuate slush and water for improved wet traction. This all-season tyre sports multiple biting edges that provide excellent all-season traction in dry, snowy and wet conditions. In addition, the optimised tread pattern lowers road noise, thereby delivering a quieter ride.

Winter tyre: Goodyear Eagle® Ultra Grip® GW-3

The high-blade density and multiple biting edges present in this tyre help offer improved grip in ice and snow with dry and wet steering capability. This tyre comes with V-TRED™ technology that helps evacuate slush and water away from the contact patch.

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