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Are you looking for Battery Services for your vehicle?


Do you notice the battery light illuminated?

It is a sign that your vehicle battery is nearing the end of its service life or there has been some malfunction. The car battery plays a vital role in maintaining the optimal performance of your vehicle's electrical components. Hence, if you see the battery light illuminated, visit Hyde Road Wheels & Tyres for a timely battery service Manchester.

When to visit us?

Here are a few potential signs that your car battery may need replacement:

Clicking sound while starting your car

Are you hearing clicking sounds while starting your vehicle?

If yes, there may be a problem with your car battery. Come to us for a proper battery inspection.

Headlights dimmer than usual

When your car battery loses its efficiency, it will be unable to power the electrical components adequately, including the headlights. Thus, if the vehicle headlights get dimmer than usual, it may be due to a failing car battery.

Slow engine crank

A leading sign of a dying car battery is a slow engine crank. If you notice this sign, you should bring your vehicle for a battery replacement Manchester. It will help you avoid further repair costs down the line.

Bloated battery case

A faulty car battery can become overheated, which makes the car battery case bloated. Do not ignore this sign. Instead, opt for professional car battery servicing from a reliable facility at the earliest.

How do we conduct our service?

When you come down to us for a battery replacement service Manchester, our experts check the following components:

  • Cables
  • Charging points
  • Battery terminals
  • Wires and more

After checking all the components and detecting the issues, they provide a prompt replacement of the faulty car battery.

You can book our service of car battery replacement Manchester online. Please enter car make, year, model and engine details, and you can book an appointment with us on your preferred date.

What are the causes of a failing car battery?

These are the reasons for car battery failure:

  • A vehicle sitting idle for long
  • Frequently going out for short drives in your car
  • Low temperatures during the winter months
  • Faults in the car battery charging system
  • Defective battery terminals and more

Come to us, and we will fix all battery-related issues promptly at budget-friendly rates.

You can end your search for ‘battery replacement near me’ by calling us on 01612 743125.