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Puncture Repair

Puncture repair helps you avoid the cost and need of replacing tyres immediately after a puncture or any other impact damages leading to an air-loss condition. However, puncture repair is a highly intricate process. Hence, it is imperative to avoid any DIY technique and find professional help.

Hyde Road Wheels & Tyres provides cost-effective and efficient puncture repair Manchester following BS AU 159 standard method. Our experts are highly efficient in this task and use cutting edge tools for utmost precision and safety.

Do we repair all tyre punctures?

Please note it is not technically safe and possible to repair all puncture damages. Hence, we conduct several safety checks to confirm that the tyre's structural integrity is unharmed.

Our experts will check whether:

  • Tyre tread depth is at least 1.6mm
  • The damaged portion is no more than 6mm
  • There are no exposed chords
  • The tyre is free from bulges
  • There are no major cracks in the main tread

We will offer a puncture repair Manchester only if the tyre adequately meets these parameters. Or else we will let you know and offer a replacement.

About our puncture repair process

As already mentioned above, we follow BS AU 159 puncture repair process involving the following steps:

Step 1

We will first unmount the punctured tyre of your car.

Step 2

Next, we will check and locate the damaged portion and remove any harmful objects still piercing the tyre.

Step 3

We will prepare a puncture channel from the inside of the tyre.

Step 4

Next, we will use a pre-buff cleaner to clean an area of around 10mm to 20mm wider than the tyre repair patch.

Step 5

We will hold the tyre repair patch in position to draw an outline.

Step 6

Following this, we will use a domed buffing rasp to buff the inner liner.

Step 7

After this, we will apply a specialised solution to the created puncture channel.

Step 8

Next, we will insert the tyre repair patch and plug it into the channel.

Step 9

After this, we will carefully pull the patch and plug it outwards to ensure the entire tyre patch is correctly attached to the inside of the tyre.

Step 10

We will use a superior quality inner liner sealant to seal the tyre repair patch, plug base and buffed area.

Step 11

Finally, we will cut the tyre patch stem, mount the tyre and re-inflate to the required pressure.

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