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General Repairs

Have you been searching for a workshop to cater to all general automotive repair needs?

Put an end to your search and get in touch with us at Hyde Road Tyres.

We are one of the most trusted workshops for general car repairs Manchester, comprising battery check, brake inspection, exhaust check and more. We utilise state of the art machinery to inspect the various internal and external components of a car. Based on the nature of the damage, our experts deliver efficient repair and replacement solutions in the least possible time.

Checks included in our general repair services

Exhaust check

Our technicians will inspect every component of your vehicle's exhaust system. It includes the catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, muffler etc. If there are any underlying damages to these components, they will safely replace them with OE-grade spares. Our experts will also check the emission level of your car, ensuring it conforms to environment-safety standards.

Battery inspection

If you are concerned with the performance of your car battery system, come down to us. We will inspect the charging system, terminals, cables and wires to find the underlying issue. If we find the battery system is malfunctioning, we will replace it following industry-best standards for utmost safety.

Brake inspection

We can also check and replace your car's brakes if required. Our workshop has cutting edge tools that help us inspect all crucial brake parts like rotors, callipers, master cylinder, etc., with utmost precision. Based upon the inspection reports, we will carry out all necessary repairs and replacements within no time.

Besides this, our service of general repairs Manchester also includes:

  • General bodywork repair
  • Repair of electronic components
  • Windscreen and wiper repairs and more

Please note: We provide custom packages as per your requirements.

Sounds good?

Then look no further for ‘general repairs near me’ and get in touch with us!

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