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Pirelli Tyres

Are you looking for ‘Pirelli tyres near me’?

Come to Hyde Road Wheels & Tyres. We have a wide range of Pirelli tyres Manchester across multiple sizes that you can buy online via our website’s car tyre finder tool. You can also opt for our mobile tyre-fitting services.

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We stock the following Pirelli tyre variants:

  • Summer
  • Winter
  • All Season
  • 4X4
  • Run-flats
  • Performance

Here are some of our best-selling models:


This summer tyre features a customised outer tread design that results in low rolling resistance and reduced noise emission. Its unique tread compounds make way for improved wet performance and enhanced mileage. Moreover, the nano-composite compounds provide maximum grip and stability, and the asymmetric tread pattern improves handling and braking performance.


The P ZERO™ WINTER has an external shoulder sporting high stiffness and low sipe density. These features improve the snow and ice performance of this tyre. It has two stiff centre blocks that provide high steering precision and longitudinal grooves that resist hydroplaning. In addition, its internal shoulder has multiple grooves and high sipe density to enhance performance on snow.


The silica tread compounds of this tyre ensure reduced fuel consumption. It has a directional tread pattern that offers excellent handling and braking performance. Its 3D sipe technology reduces braking distance and improves handling on dry roads. Furthermore, the SealinsideTM technology ensures you can drive safely for a certain distance at a specific speed, even after a blowout.


This 4X4 tyre has cones inside its grooves that help eject stones while driving off-road. It has dense tread blocks and sipes that enhance traction on snow and slippery surfaces. This tyre has alternate blocks with blunt shapes and sharp edges for better grip on mud and grass.

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