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Are you looking for Clutch Repair Services for your vehicle?


Does the clutch pedal of your car feel spongy?

It may be due to an issue with the clutch assembly. Come to Hyde Road Wheels & Tyres, and we will take care of the rest. Your search for ‘clutch replacement near me’ ends here with us.

Why choose us?

When you visit us for a service of clutch repair Manchester, our technicians check all the components of your vehicle’s clutch like:

  • Bearings
  • Pressure plate
  • Springs
  • Clutch disc
  • Flywheel
  • Clutch fork
  • Cables
  • Clutch fluid, etc.

After inspecting every part, they will find the crux of the issue and promptly replace the defective components using O.E grade spares.

Furthermore, our experts have years of experience in fixing clutch-related issues. They come equipped with state-of-the-art tools that enable them to provide prompt and suitable clutch replacement services for vehicles of all make and models.

Moreover, you can book an appointment with us online for clutch servicing.

When should you visit us?

The primary function of the clutch assembly is to facilitate the smooth shifting of gears so that your car can speed up or slow down as necessary. In addition, it also prevents the engine from stalling at low speeds.

Here are some signs that indicate problems in your vehicle’s clutch:

Stuttering clutch

Does the clutch pedal not return to its original position after disengaging?

If yes, there could be a defect in the linkage bearing and bindings of the car clutch. Come to us for a detailed inspection and prompt rectification of such problems.

Burning odour in the car cabin

Are you getting a burning odour in your car cabin?

It may indicate a wearing clutch plate due to overheating. A probable cause may be frequent driving in slow-moving traffic.

Clutch slippage

Clutch slippage is one of the leading signs of a compromised clutch assembly. It usually occurs due to faulty linkages, broken motor mounts and damaged pressure plates. A slipping clutch reduces the acceleration potential of your car.

Juddering on the clutch pedal

When the clutch disc’s grip on the flywheel is compromised, it causes juddering on the clutch pedal. If you notice such a sign, you must immediately bring your vehicle for a clutch replacement service Manchester. It will help you save on hefty repair bills down the line.

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