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Are you looking for Clutch Repair Services for your vehicle?


The clutch assembly is one of the most essential mechanical components of a vehicle that is responsible to engage and disengage the powertrain between several rotating shafts.

These components play a vital role in stopping a car without stopping the engine. As the engine spins continuously, but car wheels do not, you need to disengage the wheels properly. Hence, it will be quite a bit of trouble if the clutch assembly malfunctions.

Are you looking for clutch repair Manchester?

At Hyde Road Tyres, we provide thorough clutch servicing and efficient replacements. Being one of the trusted garages in the neighbourhood, we can assure you the best clutch Replacement Manchester services. Our experts can easily diagnose the underlying problems and suggest the preferred course of action.

Signs of a faulty clutch assembly

  • Burning smell: A slipping clutch results in slow acceleration and high RPMs. If you smell a burning odour, which can occur due to an improper connection between the disc and flywheel, it is a clear indication that you need clutch replacement Manchester. services

  • Grinding noises when shifting gears: A grinding sound while shifting gears indicates that the clutch disc is not fully engaged.

Also, strange noises can generate if the clutch pedal which is not fully released. However, these odd noises can also signal other problems which our professionals can well identify and fix.

  • Clutch pedal gets stuck: If your vehicle s clutch pedal remains stuck, it indicates possible binding problems with the release bearing or linkage. In cases like this, you need to make sure the linkage springs aren t over-stretched, which otherwise requires adjustment. It is also a prominent sign of an impending clutch failure.

  • Loose clutch pedal: If you feel your car s clutch pedal is loose or spongy, it can be due to a damaged release bearing or a faulty clutch fork. Other reasons can be faults in the pressure-plate diaphragm spring in the mechanical components.

You needn t worry as Hyde Road Tyres has got you covered.

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