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Continental Tyres

Continental is one of the foremost leaders when it comes to tyre production and tyre technology. Founded in Hanover in 1871, its journey comprises many noteworthy events. It includes the launch of the world’s first road tyre approved for speeds of up to 360 km per hour, ContiSportContact 2 Vmax, in 2003.

If you are a car enthusiast looking for Continental tyres Manchester, look no further than Hyde Road Wheels & Tyres. We are a trusted tyre retailer operating for more than 33 years. In our inventory, you will find an extensive collection of Continental tyres.

To buy Continental tyres Manchester online, you may use the tyre finder tool on our website.

A glance at our most demanded Continental models

Have a look at some highly demanded Continental tyres from our facility:

SportContact™ 7

The SportContact™ 7 is the first tyre from the house of Continental that’s tailor-made for different vehicular weights and classes. The tyre has an appropriately balanced interaction of the soft BlackChili and the stiff low-void pattern. It allows remarkable performance while significantly increasing the tyres’ mileage.

WinterContact™ TS 870

The new Triple Sipe Concept in this tyre offers a minimised braking distance and reliable control, allowing you to enjoy your winter ride comfortably. Also, the Cool Chili™ Compound helps optimise wet braking.


The mix of open shoulders for excellent aquaplaning performance and stiff pattern allows you to stay in control throughout the year. The Traction Silica Compound in this tyre offers year-round grip and braking performance.

PremiumContact™ 6

The ‘Safety Silica Compound’ ensures constant grip on dry and wet surfaces. Also, the enhanced pattern stiffness and contact surface help reduce interior noise and improve comfort and mileage. The intelligent macroblock design offers maximum cornering stability and control while driving at higher speeds.

We also stock 4x4, run-flat and other variants.

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