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Are you looking for Wheel Refurbishment Service for your vehicle?

Alloys wheels have become a popular choice among motorists, courtesy of their aesthetics. Furthermore, made with aluminium and magnesium, they are lightweight and make it easy for the driver to accelerate, which eventually improves fuel efficiency, enhancing the overall driving experience.

However, alloy wheels are susceptible to cracks and dents. Further, damaged alloy wheels adversely affect tyre performance and maximise the chances of a puncture.

As alloy wheels replacement can burn a hole in your pocket, you can always opt for a wheel refurbishment Manchester service to restore the condition.

Motorists in and around Manchester looking for ‘wheel refurbishment near me’, can end their searches with Hyde Road Wheels & Tyres!

About us

We are a team of dedicated and trained car enthusiasts operating in the industry for over 26 years. Our technicians receive regular training to remain up-to-date regarding the advanced techniques and are adept at tending to all popular car makes and models.

Further, our workshop comes equipped with cutting-edge machinery for prompt and accurate solutions.

Types of wheel refurbishment Manchester

We offer the following types of wheel refurbishment at cost-effective rates:

Diamond cutting

Our experts use a CNC lathe machine to scrap off the rusts in this method. Then they apply a lacquer coat to give alloy wheels a diamond-cut finish.

Powder coating

This technique includes separating wheel and tyre and thorough cleaning to remove the dirt in the wheels. Once done with cleaning, our experts will apply a powder coating to restore its original state. Motorists looking for ways to protect their cars’ alloy wheels against scratches and scuffs can consider this method.

Cosmetic repairs

Our technicians perform this technique when the damage on the alloy wheel is limited to a small area. They blend the damaged portion with the unaffected area to restore the original appearance.

Benefits of wheel refurbishment

Assures driving safety

Driving a car with cracked or dented alloy wheels exerts considerable pressure on the tyres, resulting in blow-outs. Wheel refurbishment Manchester from a reliable workshop like ours will lower such chances.

Improves resale value

By maintaining the aesthetics of your car’s alloy wheels, you can maximise the resale value.

Affordable substitute

Alloy wheel replacement is a costly affair. It makes wheel refurbishment an affordable alternative to restore the appeal of your vehicle.

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