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4 Wheel Laser Alignment & Computerised Geometry Check

While this may seem like obvious advice, it’s imperative that all wheels of a vehicle are precisely aligned otherwise it can have an adverse effect on your driving and the durability of the tyres. Driving on roads in the UK means most vehicles will encounter speed bumps and potholes at some point during the journey, which can really take its toll on the wheels and can knock them out of alignment.

How do I know my vehicle’s tyres are out of alignment?

If you notice any of the following when driving your vehicle, make sure you have it inspected as soon as possible:

Uneven tread on your tyres, feeling of wandering or loss of control when steeringVibration when using the steering wheelIf your vehicle pulls to different directions while driving straightIf you need to keep the steering wheel at an angle to drive straightAfter changing a set of tyres, the suspension or steering parts.

Alternatively, if you have been driving your vehicle for one year or have racked up 2,000 miles in your new car, we strongly recommend that you arrange for a trained technician to inspect your tyres.

How do I get my wheels aligned?

Correctly balanced wheels will eliminate the risk of premature wear on your tyres, suspension and steering. With this in mind, here at Hyde Road Wheels & Tyres we offer a tyre alignment service which uses lasers for high precision. It incorporates the latest in design and technology as well as high quality materials for outstanding results. It promises:

Improved handling when using the steering wheelReduced tyre wear as there is less strain on shock absorbers and suspension systemsReduced fuel consumption as rolling resistance is minimised.

What is 4-wheel laser alignment?

This state-of-the-art piece of machinery has proven to be much more reliable than basic systems, as it takes accurate measurements to adjust all four wheels back to the manufacturer’s original specification and resets the steering wheel so it is central. Before and after the process, customers can request a print out of the readings so they can see the changes that have been made first-hand.

We provide a reliable 4 wheel alignment using laser technology and a computerised geometry check as well, so your car's wheel alignment never become an issue while you are driving.

How often should I get my wheels aligned?

We strongly recommend that your tyres are checked annually to ensure they remain in top working condition. That way, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle’s tyres are safe to use on the roads.