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Are you looking for MOT Class VII for your vehicle?

It is compulsory to possess a valid MOT certificate for all motorists in the UK. So, if your vehicle is already three years old, it is time for its first MOT check.

Hyde Road Wheels & Tyres, a DVSA-approved workshop, brings affordable MOT checks Manchester for Class 7 automobiles, including goods vehicles (over 3,000kg up to 3,500kg design gross weight).

Why us?

We are a DVSA-approved workshop well-equipped with advanced machinery that helps our experts deliver accurate and prompt results for the MOT test. Furthermore, our professionals follow the rules laid down by the UK government and perform essential inspections according to the updated guidelines.

Our MOT checklist

Our highly proficient technicians will first go through your car’s MOT history to determine any recurrent discrepancies before inspecting the following car components:

Exhaust and emissions

Our mechanics will employ handheld monitors to scrutinise exhaust issues and ensure these components meet the specified exhaust emission guidelines.


Our experts scrutinise the suspension setup in an MOT test, including springs, linkages, shock absorbers, etc. In addition, they push down the corner of the vehicle to confirm whether it settles back to its standard height.


Our MOT checks Manchester include a thorough assessment of the steering, including the steering oil level, the performance of the steering lock mechanism and corrosion on power steering pipes. In the case of the electronic steering system and lock, they will also examine the wheel alignment and dashboard for warning lights.


We check the elasticity, secure attachments and pre-tensioners with the functionality of seat belt load limiters and airbags.

Lights and indicators

We inspect the LED- light-emitting diode and HID- high-density discharge conditions, etc.

Based on the results, our professionals will issue VT20 (pass) or VT30 (fail) certificates, properly explaining any ‘Dangerous’, ‘Major’ and ‘Minor’ issues.

However, driving a vehicle with a VT30 MOT certificate is considered illegal. Therefore, if you receive a VT30 certificate, connect with us within ten days of the MOT test for a partial re-test.

You can also opt for a Pre MOT test Manchester to prepare your vehicle for its upcoming MOT.

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